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#Nooz is an Independent Collaborative News Service.

We post Nooz / and sometimes news, all of which we source from indi media reporters.

In order for  'Nooz Knows News!' to be accurate, we need YOU!

If you are a media student wishing to be part of this innovative network of Indi Media.

Join us and start reporting!

Cheers Mikelangelo , Jono, and LettSee.

The rest is a mystery. wink 

However, We will soon list some online media courses available, if you wish to study media and report news.

If you are in a situation where you have limited resources, all you need is access to the internet and device capable of streaming media. We welcome everyone, from anywhere in the world. We also recognise  opportunity is unequal across the planet and we will be sourcing qualified members to offer assistance in our quest to deliver skills and the ability to report what YOU feel is important to you and you feel the world should know. training is based on donation, on the basis of "Cash OR Comment" if you wish to donate cash that is fine, if you wish to donate stories (text, video, Audio) that is acceptable as you are awarded credits for every contribution you make which can be used for training courses. You can start the courses even before you start contributing stories and collecting credits, and once you submit stories and you online credits will proceed to cover the training, after which you can join another course. We want NOOZ!



if you can Dream and DO it... Lets Collaborate!



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