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#Nooz Technical Blog 03092016-1

Technical Blog 03092016-1

Live video/audio studio

  1. have live audio studio allowing for live broadcast direct from Nooz website.  Each user can create his/her own channel where s/he might publish his/her own shows and broadcastings. Each channel has its own fans, admins. You can easily tune who can and who can't broadcast, watch, comment, vote ... for the shows. Shows can be scheduled or broadcasted immediately after creating. While preparing the show owner adds some slides and has possibility to demonstrate them to the show watchers. The chat, comments and rating are also available for the show.
    After the show is ended, it's being processed and then is posting as recorded one to be available for further playings.
    1. auto archive so it will be able 'On Demand'
    2. HD quality
    3. guest and member chat in live broadcast.



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03.09.2016 (1189 days ago)
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