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By Matthew LI

A Melbourne woman Jody  Cleaver says she was denied entry to the UK following leaked details about the content contained on her personal diary.

She carried with her personal diary with notes inside about her whereabouts of her proposed overseas stay. But when she touched base at

London’s Stansted Airport, Ms Cleaver was held stranded for the night by the UK interrogation officials before deporting her back to Rome.

Ms Cleaver has denied she written any plans of how she would intend to stay in the UK, though she did wrote on her diary when she has written

plans to find long-term work with a view of obtaining a visa in either Spain, France or Italy. Ms Cleaver took to Facebook to describe her short flight to

the UK. ‘‘They thought I would want to work there….They asked if I had printed CVs in my bag. Like it was in 1992.’’ Ms Cleaver was told she cannot

return to the UK for six months and would be asked each time she would attempt to legally enter the UK. A Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

spokesman said they played ‘‘no role relevant to the sovereign decisions of other countries in relation to visa and migration matters.’’

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