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For those who want to see just how dazzling the ocean's coral reefs and marine life can be, a kayak company has the answer. The Crystal Kayak Company a USA based manufacturer of commercial-grade transparent kayaks with Spanish GE brand Lexan™ hulls, may soon provide tourists unique opportunities to explore The Great Barrier Reef.

Thanks to its two person spacing, you can also sit in tandem with an instructor or friend and enjoy the views.

Crystal Kayak Company launched the product, which has become their best-selling item, three years ago, but it was a drone video they shot a year back that truly put the item on the map.

The company, which ships its kayaks across the world, also works with hotels and rental companies, giving you the chance to try them out yourself at spots like the Spa Retreat Boutique Hotel in Negril, Jamaica, and Vegas Glass Kayaks in Las Vegas, Nevada. Interest is a foot to bring these revolutionary water craft to Australia, "Imagine on The Great Barrier Reef paddling above the wondrous reef and organisms" says entrepreneur Mike Elazmo "they would be a revolution a tourist drawcard to our gem in the pacific "



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