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I am mikelangelo one of the nooz.com.au reporters and hosts
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Winner for Best Drama goes to THE OSCARS !!!
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Press Secretary Sean Spicer held an informal "gaggle" press briefing but made a point of excluding certain news outlets. The White House's decision has drawn ire from across the field, including organizations invited to the briefing, such as Fox News and The Wall Street Journal. The New York Times …
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The most coveted award of the Oscars has descended into bedlam, with La La Land mistakenly named the Best Picture winner, instead of Moonlight. The cast and crew of the celebrated musical, widely tipped to claim the top honour, took to the stage and began accepting the award before being interrupte…
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Two Australians will be competing in this year's Eurovision Song Contest after NSW-born Anja Nissen beat nine other finalists for the right to represent Denmark. After narrowly finishing second last year in Denmark's Eurovision selection competition - the Danish Melodi Grand Prix - Nissen triumphed…
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Will the 89th Academy Awards be a parade of political speeches or more ridicules accolades for "La La Land"? Sunday night's Oscars are shaping up to be one of the most turbulent and politically charged ceremonies in recent memory. The three-hour-plus telecast, which begins at 8:30pm on USA network …
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Google announced that it had performed a successful collision attack on the popular SHA-1 cryptographic hash function for the first time — that they know of. The collision attack demonstrated an algorithm for making two distinct inputs map to the same hash output, putting at risk the usage of SHA-1 …
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