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mikelangelo 20.05.2017 0 708

The #Nooz Indie Reporter Course is progressing at a fast pace and should be ready early January 2017    Test drive it whilst we build it.. :) http://myknows.com/learn/course/view.php?id=11 Select "Log In as a guest" at bottom  
mikelangelo 19.12.2016 0 699

#Nooz will trial a revolutionary #VStudio. VStudio is a state of art Virtual Studio which allows   Broadcast of Video and / or Audio multiple microphones   Broadcast of #Nooz Radio Sound Cloud Chanel or any another     Broadcast any YouTube vi
mikelangelo 04.12.2016 0 1165

Nooz is proud to announce delivery of online "Indi Nooz Reporter" which aims at teaching students: how to report the Nooz, ethics, journalism, social networking skills, make a studio on a budget use your mobile device to make nooz GoPro and other
mikelangelo 20.11.2016 0 896

Nooz.com.au. #Nooz is an Independent Collaborative News Service. We post Nooz / and sometimes news, all of which we source from indi media reporters. In order for  'Nooz Knows News!' to be accurate, we need YOU! If you are a media student or media gra
mikelangelo 19.11.2016 0 797

Fog Moon Interview with Mikelangelo. Lettsee and Jono on #nooz Discussing the present single 'things' the future and all things #nooz    
mikelangelo 19.11.2016 0 616

Jono's weird ass news explores, the weird side of life
mikelangelo 08.11.2016 0 664

FogMoon, are a band that was founded in 2013 by Armin (Vocal & Guitar) and Gregor Hermann (Drums & Percussions). Richard Weiss (Keys) joined some time later and Axel Rosenegger (Vocal and Bass) in 2016. We write and (primarily) produce songs ours
mikelangelo 19.09.2016 1 1021

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